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     I, LD Pierce III (Lynn Diaz) am third generation of the pioneer settlers named Pierce who moved to Hansford County from Johnson County Tx.

     My father JL Pierce, carries on the pioneer tradition of "Windmilling", taught to him by my grandfather L D Pierce, and Ed Wilbanks, his cousin..... My dad, JL is one of the very few practicing "Windmill Men" left. His services provide area ranchers with virtually "free energy" water, thanks to the plentiful panhandle wind.

     I am very proud to have learned this lost art from childhood, and also I have personally helped my father and grandfather erect hundreds of these steel and wood towers all over the vast waterless plains; I have had to fight the strong winds while working on windmill motors many times.

    My father lost his right index finger while working on a well when I was a child. When I was 11 or 12 we were working on one of HB Parks wells, near Morse, and I jumped from the 1st cross of a wooden tower right onto a large piece of wood with a railroad spike sticking up through it. It went all the way through the middle of my right foot. I never feel off a tower, but came close several times; my dad's cousin Harbert Clark did fall from a tower---right into a stock tank below that was full of mud and he was unhurt. This happened at Bernice Browns farm east of town. Boy did Harbert stink of stock take mud on the way back to town. We made him ride in the back of the truck!

     At age six, I began helping my grandpa LD, and my daddy work on windmills during the summer and on weekends. I was paid $50 per well., I finally got a raise to a dollar a job by age ten. I loved the prairie and the countryside especially in the springtime. I enjoyed working on the many wells at Turkey Track Ranch, and the 47 windmills at Red Camp by Pampa. We worked on Vera Wroten's two section ranch and wild life refuse, keeping her wells up. I really enjoyed going there: for years she had dug cactus from her pasture and would show me the back of her pick-up or car and it was filled with cactus and she kept a couple of quart jars she had filled with rattlers from the hundreds Rattlesnakes she had killed on her two sections. She always had "Swimming Pool" clean stock tanks and there was no cactus on her property. She was an " Original" free spirit.

     Grandpa LD, was one of eight children: Allen, Susie, Clem, Felix Diaz, George, Visa. His full name was Lorenzo Dow Pierce same as his father. Lorenzo Dow was a famous methodist circuit preacher from 1790 through 1840 and traveled 13 states and to England. Thousands of people were named LD, Dow, Lorenzo Dow, Laranza after him and his fiery religious revivals

     LD Pierce, Sr. was called "Peg Leg Pierce or Peggy" and he accidentally lost his leg while horseback riding at night in Johnson County on the way to play his fiddle at a dance; he began racing a train and collided with it. I finally sought out and found the old Pierce ranch on Goatneck on the Brazos in 1996, and there they men still living in Goatneck still tell tales of LD Pierce Sr. One told me that day was when the men used to steal other persons fishes off the line--they would swim across to the other side of the Brazos--they would always carry a big stick--so that if they were caught they could stick the big piece of wood out of the water, and the people would blame the theft on who else---but LD Pierce. I finally heard of Dee Peterson (one of the oldest Living Pioneers in Johnson County) who lived on the land adjoining the Pierce ranch but by the time I could call him to have him tell me more about LD and Rhoda Pierce he was dying. He knew Rhoda and Peg Leg and had grown up with them all his life till they moved to Hansford County.

    I was born in 1954 and have one brother Tylan, and three sisters; Karon, Jammie, and Rosa. I graduated Spearman High in 1972 and was very active in speech and debate all through high school under the leadership of June Heidelberg Porter. I was elected most studious of my class and also was Editor of the 1972 LYNX yearbook my senior year, under the direction of DeWayne Mitchell.

     In 1975 I attended a foreign exchange program in Salvador Bahia Brazil, living with a Brazilian family, and attending classes sponsored by the Catholic University. I gained 12 hours credit in Portuguese language there. After the school I travelled extensively through Brazil; took a train from Sao Paulo Brazil, to La Paz Boliva. I toured the Cuzsco Peru area and made a trip to Machu Pichhu. From there I spent time in Guyaquill Peru, and took a train from the coastal city of Guyaquille to the Capital City of Peru in a valley at the top of the Andes Mountains. This trip went from elevation of 5 ft to 15,000 ft is just 5-6 hours. The coastal area was dry desert, the mid altitude was Tropical and the Top Elevation forest. I enjoyed seeing very much the Gold Museum of Peru!!

     I attended Texas Tech University getting a BSBA in Business in the Fall of 1977. I served on the Business Administration Student Council from its inception until 1976. After my graduation with a degree in marketing I was a sales rep for J & G Waste Systems of Lubbock selling dempsty dumpsters. The moved me to Dallas TX in the fall of 1979 to start a new company. Joan Giannattasio the owners daughter is still one of my very good friends to this day and they own Anchor Waste in Houston Tx. I have been self employed owning SOS Products in Dallas TX selling security products to businesses, especially the Eztone entry alert security door chimes. I became interested in geneaology and the internet in 1994, and have spent the five years since my mothers death researching Pierce, Faus, Hibbs, Wilbanks, Scott family histories.

by LD Pierce from Hansford County History Vol 1 page 233 updated and re-edited by myself March 2000

Article from Spearman Reporter when LD was junior At Texas Tech University

Pierce Named Tech Officer

    LD Pierce, junior marketing major at Texas Tech University, recently received word from the
President of the Business Administration Student Council that he has been appointed
to the post of Chairman of the Public Relations Committee. The Business
Administration Student Council was created in 1971 by Dean Jack Steele of the College of Business
Administration at the university. Its purpose is to improve communications and
relations between students and the faculty at Tech's College of Business. The
Council also administers college wide faculty evaluations to all of Tech's
Business Professors. These evaluations are used in determining teacher promotions, salary, and
must be submitted if the Professor is being considered for tenure. LD has been a member
of the Council for 3 years, and he also chaired the faculty interview committee. He is also a
member of Alpha Kappa Psi, professional business fraternity. LD, son of Mr and Mrs JL
Pierce was named to the Dean's Honor list for the spring semester with a 3.0 average on a 4.0 scale.

From Article in Spearman Reporter Dec 1998

"Pierce Publishes Genealogy Book"

    LD Pierce of Dallas, TX, (formerly of Spearman) has recently published a book on Pierce Genealogy. He is the son of JL Pierce, and the late Juanita Faus Pierce. Juanita Faus Pierce was a member of the Hansford County Historical Society until her death in 1995. She was the inspiration for the book. She had worked on her Faus family tree for many years and enouraged LD to research the Pierce family tree. LD Pierce's great-great-grandfather, Lorenzo D Pierce, (AKA PegLeg Pierce) was born in 1857 in Hall County Ga, and moved to the Johnson County (Cleburne, TX) in 1866 with his father Capt. Andrew Jackson Pierce. His sister, Rhoda Pierce, married Manney Wilbanks. In 1904 the Pierces and the Wilbanks moved to Hansford County, Where many of their descendents remain to this day. A copy of the Book has been donated to the Hansford County Library.

Intro/preface November 15, 1998
     Hello Pierce relatives! Here is the first edition of my Pierce Genealogy book. I have check it for spelling, but there are still a few errors and I am working on them!! But I sending this copy anyway. This document contains all I have on Andrew Jackson Pierce----that is except a few things that Eddie Force sent me in his first genealogy information package. What a 3 year " whirlwind of knowledge collecting" this has been. I have my desceased mother Juanita Pierce to blame. She is the one who set me on this quest to gather the Pierce history and genealogy prior to her death from cancer in Aug 1995. She had worked periodically on her Faus family tree since 1954, and had hosted many family reunions for that family. It became apparent to me after her death that no one was going to tackle this project, so I bought a computer and began my searching. (I also have a FAUS genealogy book available)

    We knew nothing about the Pierces except what was in the Hansford County History Book. My great Uncle Allen Pierce, lots of times, mentioned "Olla Dell", but I really never knew who she was until I found Eddie Force, one of her great nephews, while searching on the internet in 1995 (with my first computer). I do remember Uncle Allen saying that Ola Della was descended from the only other line of Pierce relatives that he knew of. Eddie Force had already been researching the family tree for 13 years, when I contacted him, but did not know anything about LD or Rhoda Pierce's descendents and little about his own family's tree. He had been to Spearman, TX and actually met Uncle Allen in person. He had done an immense amount of research, (which myself and a few other cousins are continuing) concerning the Brothers and Sisters of Andrew Jackson Pierce, and his father Rueben Pierce born 1768 in the Old 96 District, Edgefield District, South Carolina.

    Oct 21 1998 I received the written permission from the Hansford County Historical Society to reprint the Pierce and Wilbanks and other family biographies contained in their two books History of Hansford County Vol. 1 and 2. I have received permission on Oct 8 1998, from Molly Mimms, the author and copyright holder of the Johnson County History Book, to reprint Biographies and other information from her book. I want to thank both of these organizations for their cooperation in making this a more readable book, than it would have otherwise have been!
All the information concerning the descendents of LD Pierce Sr. and Jr., and much of the Rhoda Pierce Wilbanks info is of my own information and knowledge of my own family. I have received no response in requesting information from the descendents of George Taylor Pierce, of the Alice Texas area. He was my grandfather's brother. I only have the basic outline of their tree. 10-29-98 I have finally got most of their addresses and mailed them information and family group sheets today. Nov 24 1998 Received Info from Luther Dowell Pierce of Robstown TX. (yes another LD Pierce!)
    Also new is the almost complete workup of the descendants of Rhoda Ann Pierce and Allen Mansel Wilbanks.(and their biographies) I want to thank Sally Dawn Davis (saldavis7@aol.com) of Dension TX and Margaret Evans of Spearman, TX for all the information they have provided.
I have also included James Madison Conn as the husband of Nancy E Pierce, "Jacks" daughter. I am now positive that this is the correct family and that the Nancy Pierce and Abercrombie line in KS is not part of Andrew Jackson Pierce's family. Nov 15 I have now received some of the basic Conn lines from Jimmie Conn in Lawton, OK. She states: "your information on our family is very interesting-I remember my Grandma Conn talking about "Peg Leg Pierce" enclosed is the family tree of my father" She has sent the line of Andrew Jackson Conn and Mattie L Garvin Conn. January 18, 1999 Received info today on the brothers and sisters of James Madison, and some info about his father, from Beth Sauceman of GA.

      Also new is the complete family tree of Visa Pierce Compton. She was AJ Pierce's grandaughter by LD Pierce Sr. Thanks to Arland Phelps of Vero Beach Fl for providing this information. In examining our exchange of information Arland has found that some of his Phelps Cousins, married into the family of H L (Hix) Wilbanks, former Sheriff of Hansford County, TX. Jan 18 1999, have now received addresses of descendents of Jerry Bowling.

      Also new is the completed descendants of George Washington Pierce (Eddie's gggrandfather). Lester Jones is the elder of this family and he and his wife Clarice have provided me with this information. He is 84 in bad health and living with his wife in Wichita Falls TX. He attended the Goat Neck Reunion last month--I would have gone but I did not hear about it. Information on Bertha Tule Force was provided by Eddie Force of Russellville, (eforce@cswnet.com). He also did most of the original research on the father, brothers and sisters of Andrew J. Pierce.
It is with sadness that in 1996 I finally found the one person who could have told us ALL ABOUT ALL THE PIERCES ON THE BRAZOS, AND THEIR RANCH AND ALL. This was Dee Peterson of Goat Neck. He passed away in 1990. He was 100 years old. He was born in the same age as LD Pierce Sr. (Peg Leg) and was neighbor and friend with the Pierces. He spent 25 years as foreman of the Clem Pierce Ranch. His father was one of the other settlers in the 1860s, and they spent their entire lives living next door to the Pierce Ranch. Lester Jones talked with Dee Peterson in the 1980's and Dee gave him a tour of the old home place and told him many stories. The Ormsby Ranch is in the area and they still have Ormsby's living in Goat Neck but they are of our generation and though they can still tell a few stories about Peg Leg Pierce, most of the info has been forgotten and lost.

    Need Help---Any Info on Fanny Pierce or Elizabeth Pierce daughters of Andrew Jackson Pierce Sr. (Also Andrew Jackson Pierce Jr.)
Please send comments and corrections as you may have them.
If you have received a shortened (Or non-printable adobe acrobat PDF) version of this book you may order the full ninety page book from the Author LD Pierce, at P O 141324 Dallas TX 75214 214-630-3993. $30 plus $3 postage.


Good Reading!!! LD Pierce January 1, 1999

March 1, 2000
Article Helen Fisher "Among the Neighbors" Spearman Reporter

   Lynn Pierce, a native and high school graduate of Spearman, lived in Dallas for 20 years. He was self employed and enjoyed his life but decided the crowded, noisy metropolis was no longer appealing to him. He came to the quieter country life. He is living in Gage with his grandmother, Julia McManus, also a former Spearman resident, now nearly 90 years old.
Lynn's mother, the late Juanita Faus Pierce had asked him to compile genealogy of the Pierce family. He began it and has worked on it the last 5 years. The genealogy turned into a joint Pierce-Wilbanks genealogy as the two families were intertwined. Both were early day settlers of Hansford County with interesting histories.
The actual genealogy will be of significance to both families, but there is so much entertain and humorous incidents and side-lights that readers of all ages will enjoy it. An example is the memoirs written by Rhoda Pierce Wilbanks who was well known here through many years.
Lynn (L.D.) has been as thorough as possible in getting authentic data and is still doing research. He has two complete books and is working on another. He has donated the two books to the Stationmaster's House Museum and has additional copies for anyone wishing to have one.